Meet the Steward

Larkin Stentz Steward of Green Angel Gardens

“Gardener, musician, father, spouse, poet, author – all of these have been like tools for the work of living on Planet Earth.

Larkin has taught sustainable Agriculture in Mexico, designed gardens for homes, estates, and commercial installations.  A Master Gardener, he was President of the Clatsop County Master Gardeners for a year.  He taught BioIntensive organic gardening at Hilltop Elementary School as part of their Peninsula Learns Afterschool Program for 5 years.  The garden won Youth Gardening Award for 2000, a national contest for gardens by young people. He teaches BioIntensive food production as instructed by John Jeavons, author of How To Grow More Vegetables. Mentors on this journey have been Michele Easton Cortright, my partner for 13 years who in her passing healed so many; my daughter Terralar Joy Roush, a light in all times; “I-Thou,” the book by Martin Buber that reminded me at an early age of the interconnectedness of all things; Buckminster Fuller, scientist, philosopher and designer of the Geodesic Dome, who coined the terms Spaceship Earth and Crew of Spaceship Earth of which I am one; Elizabeth Kubler Ross who taught me so much about living our truth and that death and dying are part of our journey; His Holiness The Dalai Llama whose depth of compassion is a source of inspiration for me all ways; and Larry Warnberg, Humanure specialist, designer, sailor and friend, who helps me keep my shit together.”

He was a member of the Board of Directors of Washington Tilth Producers which represents organic farms in the state of Washington.  Was a Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula for 6 years and Board member at large for Tilth on the Willapa, a local organization promoting food security.

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