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Green Angel Greens: Certified Organic Produce

The focus of Green Angel Gardens is to incorporate Sustainable Living Practices while producing certified organic food, in an atmosphere that nurtures all who visit, work and live here.

As a Sustainable Living Center we utilize solar composting toilet systems, graywater chatchment system, solar hot water system, and a wind turbine was added in 2009. We also offer Yoga Classes in our Yoga Studio.  Workshops on BioIntensive Food Raising, the INs and OUTs of Compost Making, and many others about food production.  Living Sustainable also requires us to nurture our spiritual side as well so as we offer yoga classes and introductions to Chi Quong, Tai Chi, Meditiation and musical concerts and dance all happen at the Gardens.

If you would like to volunteer please call to set up a time. We welcome people to come and help us grow by assisting in putting up greenhouses, weeding, planting, clearing areas, etc. Water and refreshments are provided, and we’re looking for apprentices.

Our head gardener is Larkin Stentz, who has studied with John Jeavons of Ecology Action Grow BioIntensive. Larkin is currently enrolled in the teacher training program for Grow BioIntensive. He also teaches at a local elementary school’s after-school program. Larkin has been growing for the local markets for 2 years and previously taught sustainable agricultural practices in Mexico for 3 years. An accomplished flutist and writer, he also runs Green Angel Gardening, LLC, an organic landscape company.

Where to find Green Angel Greens

Green Angel Gardens Farm Store, 6807 Sandridge Road in Long Beach, Washington.  Our store is stocked with organic greens grown right here on the farm, local fresh eggs, and a variety of certified organic produce obtained from regional growers.  We are a family-friendly farm, encouraging kids and adults to come and learn how quality food is grown.  Yoga classes are currently offered and workshops in sustainable living practices will be offered in late spring and early summer.

Visit the Farm Store

Farm Store Hours:
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Every day of the week!

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Green Angel Gardens
P.O. Box 1229 • Long Beach, WA 98631
(360) 244-0064 •

Certified Organic March 2001 to March 2010 by the WSDA

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